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Exploring candids

A few weeks ago, I photographed my niece's fourth birthday party. Parties can be a great opportunity to practice candid photography. I think it's the moments in between the action that can be even more memorable.

Elizabeth, my niece, is used to Auntie Daphne and her camera as I've been documenting her life since she was born. At her birthday party, it was no different. While I made sure to take the important pics, I also spent time watching Elizabeth and her friends run around being kids.

Here are my thoughts when trying to get great candids that involve children:

1) Take them outside. Heading to your local park can provide the best possible opportunity for taking photos of kids in an environment that they are comfortable in.

2) Stay out of the way! By taking a step back, you can actually get a better view of the landscape and where to insert yourself without interrupting or distracting your subjects.

3) Don't be afraid to stoop down to their eye level or try different angles.

Thanks for reading. It's my opinion that while posed family-type photos have their place on the wall or mantel, there is also a place for natural candids. Below you'll see a few of my favorite photos from Elizabeth's party.


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