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Giving Back

I love having opportunities to practice photography in different types of settings. Those chances can come up when you least expect it and provide an avenue to help others. Since 2008, I've been a volunteer with Ferret Rescue of Maine (F.R.O.M.). and using my photography and web design skills to help get more ferrets adopted as well as building potential sponsorships for hospice ferrets.

In December 2007, we brought home our first two ferrets, Ares and Athena (pictured, right), from a pet store as a Christmas present to ourselves. Before making the decision, we both carefully researched ferrets as pets, including their daily care and routine veterinary needs. Surprisingly, in all of our searching online, we didn't realize that there was a ferret rescue in Maine, let alone one that was within an hour of our home.

One day when I was at the vet with Ares and Athena, I met Jim, who with his wife Crystal, runs the Ferret Rescue of Maine. In talking with him briefly, I learned more about the Rescue and he gave me his card. After reviewing their website, I realized that there was potentially a way for me to share skills I have in photography and design with the Rescue, so I reached out and we began a partnership that has lasted for 10 years. I have been photographing ferrets after they arrive at F.R.O.M. as well as maintaining the Rescue's website. In 2011, we added a Facebook page, which has now grown to nearly 1,500 fans. Over this time, my photography skills have also improved. LuLu, who is pictured below, is 10 years old and due to her health, will live out the remainder of her life at the Rescue.

It's very rewarding when you can take something you know and share it with others and I look forward to continuing my collaboration with Jim and Crystal and F.R.O.M. It's another part of the adventure!

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