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Sharing the love of live skating

Each year, I go to Stars on Ice. It's the one event I attend sans camera, which gives me the chance to reconnect with why I enjoy the sport so much. I will admit, that when the show starts, I do think about various photographic moments as the skaters perform.

Over the past few years, different people have accompanied me, including family members, co-workers and friends. I like to share with them a bit of the world of skating and how being there in person is so much more exciting than watching on television. This time, it was Courtney and Stephanie (along with her mom, Barb). In addition to the show, we also watched the pre-show warm-up (thanks Lauren). While Stephanie and Barb had seen skating live, this was Courtney's first time to see Stars on Ice. We started our day with lunch at Empire Chinese Kitchen at 11:30.

During the pre-show, I was glad to have a chance to catch up with all of the ice dancers and Adam, as I haven't seen them since Nationals. It was fun to introduce some of the performers to my friends, who found them 'genuinely kind and gracious'. Courtney thought that watching them warm-up showed her how dedicated they are and how much work truly goes into each performance. Stephanie added that she enjoyed watching them interact with each other as the friendships and playfulness between the skaters aren't things you get to see as a fan watching a competition on TV. After the warm-up, Madi and Zach did a Q & A for local skaters. The kids seemed nervous to ask questions, at first. We were willing to ask some, although we were not part of the group and were also on the other side of the arena. It was fun to listen in and after the kids relaxed, they asked some great questions (reporters should take note).

This year's show had a great mix of competitive programs and show numbers along with the fun group performances. Courtney, Stephanie and Barb had watched the Olympics and already knew who all of the skaters were, so I just pointed out which programs were from the competitive season and which were for the show as well as tidbits about each performer. I liked sharing insight and answering their questions. Right from the opening group performance, Courtney commented that 'there is so much to look at'. Nathan landed a quad in his first program, which garnered a lot of attention by those in my group who had not witnessed one in person. While we enjoyed all of the performances, one highlight was Meryl Davis & Charlie White's complex program to "Elastic Heart" by Sia, which featured a long piece of fabric as a prop that was so cleverly used it seemed like the third member of a trio. Stephanie said it was 'everything'.

In the end, we had a fantastic time and I think this is one of the best Stars on Ice tours in awhile. It was wonderful to be able to share my love of skating with my friends and witness the show through their eyes. It was also great to show them a little of the my world outside of my work life when I travel to photograph competitions.

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